Biedronka Lodometer

Scope of work:

  • creative
  • motion
  • photo
  • production

Over 240 animations that showed temperature throughout Poland.

As part of the summer television campaign "Summer on 5!" of Biedronka stores, we have developed the concept of the Ice Meter. This Facebook thermometer showed the current temperature in major Polish cities and at the same time encouraged to buy ice cream. We prepared a product session, followed by over 240 animations that referred to the regions in which they were broadcast and any temperature variants that could have occurred in the summer. The concept has been prepared with the aim of using precise targeting from Facebook. Thanks to it, we showed the user sponsored posts with the current temperature outside the window and at the same time we encouraged him to buy ice cream in nearby Biedronka. The lodometer fulfilled its task and showed that in the summer there is always weather to eat ice cream.

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