Scope of work:

  • creative
  • video
  • production
  • motion
  • photo
  • social

A 30-day program created by influencers.

We were tasked with supporting the launch of the new ID'EAU water. To communicate its pro-health properties, we decided to create two 30-day programs (diet and sports) supported with ID'EAU water, which can help to improve life. We invited Erik 'erVegan' Wańkowicz and Marta Hennig to the campaign. In cooperation with them, we have developed tasks for their fans and the ID'EAU brand. We also organized a session in which our ambassadors participated. In the films prepared by us, they invited to participate in subsequent tasks as part of their programs. At the same time, we were running a competition for fans for the best tasks. The summary of the project was the effects that fans shared in posts. This campaign showed that you only need 30 days to engage the small community to try to change your life.

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