Scope of work:

  • creative
  • branding
  • digital
  • streaming
  • event
  • activation
  • direct
  • influencers
  • social
  • motion
  • PR
  • radio

The Reebok most frequently visited and shared store in Poland.

We have developed a communication concept for the new Reebok pop-up store, which according to our idea became Reebok FIT SHOP - the only store in Poland where you could pay with effort. We have prepared a number of activations and activities that fill the store for 2 months, we reported in social media through photos and video of events taking place here every day. To promote this place, we created the Delta currency, which was first given to the sport influencers as an invitation to the opening event. The 2-month campaign was also broadcast by Reebok TV - streamed live television on the Reebok Sport profile. As part of this format, we conducted live interviews with sports stars, trainers and experts on the subject of a healthy lifestyle. This intense campaign consisting of many activities that we coordinated caused that Reebok FIT SHOP became the most luminous spot on the sports map of Warsaw during the holidays.

Case Study

Outdoor / display

Currency / Delta

Campaign elements

Reebok FitshopReebok Fitshop

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